Be a musical POA

Be a Musical POA

What is a Patron of the Arts?

Ever wanted to own a guitar played by one of your favorite musicians?

One of the easiest ways to support the music you love, and the musicians that make it, is by sponsoring a guitar built from Old Market Guitarworks.

Put a fully customized, signature guitar into the hands of your favorite player. Purchase a guitar from Old Market Guitarworks custom built to their specifications and give it to them for an agreed to period of time. A year or a tour; two, three? It’s up to you and them.

When they’re ready to move onto their next instrument—maybe another OMG signature model with a totally different set of specs—they return your guitar to you. It’s yours, to be played and/or displayed as a road worn instrument with tons of mojo from your favorite guitar player.

This OMG program helps musicians play the guitar(s) of their dreams, custom-built for them, while helping their fans own a piece of music memorabilia from their favorite musician and/or bands.

Who would you share a guitar with? You can ask if they’re in … or we can ask them for you!

Old Market Guitarworks

Old Market Guitarworks

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