Our Special Projects

Pictured here are just some of our guitars, built from exceptional, repurposed material:

  • Our signature, Howard Street T-style and S-style guitars;
  • A Weddingcaster guitar;
  • Snap on Tools factory guitars;
  • Battleship Texas Foundation guitars, bass, and drumsticks; and,
  • The Templarcaster, as seen on “The Curse of Oak Island.”

Watch this site for the Swamp Monster, a blues beast built from 1500 year-old Swamp Cypress, guitars built from the oldest, continuously operating blues bar in the US, a guitar built from a unique piece of oak, a guitar built from a huge, repurposed burl, a series of guitars and basses built from other, decommissioned Navy ships, and more instruments from our primary 500-year-old Southern Yellow Pine beams.

Old Market Guitarworks

Old Market Guitarworks

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